Some current meetings

 * Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis, Strathclyde

 * Advances and Perspectives on Numerical Methods for Saddle Point Problems, Banff

 * South African Symposium for Numerical and Applied Mathematics , Stellenbosch

 * Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

 * Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra

 * Netlib Conference Database

 * Scottish Computational Mathematics Symposium

 * SIAM Meetings

Some past meetings

 * ICIAM, Zurich, July 2007

 * Computational Linear Algebra for PDEs, Durham, July 2008

 * ECCOMAS, Egmond aan Zee

 * SIAM Meeting on Computational Science and Engineering, Costa Mesa, CA

 * ILCC, Keystone

 * GAMM-SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, Dusseldorf

 * PIMS Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra, Vancouver, August 2003


 * Numerical Analysis and Computers - 50 Years of Progress, Manchester, June 1998

 * Iterative Methods and Parallel Computing (IMPC97)

 * Linear Algebra and Its Applications Conference , Manchester 1995

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