1st November 2023

Hayley Russel is the recipient of a 'Young Chemist Award' from Scientific Update, and will attend the 9th Winter Process Chemistry Conference in Liverpool in December. Congratulations Hayley!

2nd October 2023

Nico McVeigh joins the team for his PhD, funded by AstraZeneca and an EPSRC DTP studentship.

Olivia Devlin, Ryan Oliver, and Daniel Santos Stone join the team for their MChem final year projects.

2nd September 2023

Our collaborative paper with the Murphy group at the University of Strathclyde is accepted in Journal of the American Chemical Society.

17th August 2023

Hayley and Kieran attend the Dalton Younger Members Event in Birmingham.

11th August 2023

David joins the Royal Society of Chemistry Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Discussion Group committee.

7th August 2023

Roderick Bunschoten joins the team on an EPSRC IAA funded project.

6th June 2023

Our collaborative paper with the Nolan group at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and the Vougioukalakis group at the University of Athens (Greece) is accepted in ACS Catalysis.

11th May 2023

Our third collaborative paper with the Drover group at the University of Windsor (Canada) is published in ACS Organic and Inorganic Au.

18th April 2023

David presents research from the group at the 2023 RSC Dalton Community Joint Interest Group Meeting at the University of Warwick.

7th April 2023

Hayley heads to Vancouver for a placement at the University of British Columbia with Professor Jolene Reid.

8th February 2023

David gives a talk at the University of Bath.

1st January 2023

The new website goes live!