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Fàilte dhan duilleag-dhachaigh agam

Some years ago, when I was young and carefree. That's me on the right, about ten years ago, in happier and maskless times. For all you hypothetical random visitors, the About Me page is probably quite a good place to start.

Whatever the university class catalogue may claim, in the academic year 2023-24 I'm lecturing on MM101 (Introduction to Calculus), MM305 (Mechanics of Rigid Bodies and Fluids), and MM554 (Applied Mathematics Methods 1), as well as the "upskilling" classes MM132/3 (Mathematical Modelling for Mathematics Teachers); I'm the lecturer in charge of all of these. I also lecture on and lead the SMSTC module "Asymptotic and Analytical Methods", and I run the RD903 module "Research Governance and Organisation in the Mathematical Sciences".

I'm currently the Postgraduate Research Director for the department. If you have any questions about PGR matters that aren't answered on our postgraduate research page then please feel free to contact me.

Having located me, you may find it useful to go straight to my publications list, to the Scottish Mathematical Council homepage, to the EMS education pages, or to the Scottish Mathematical Challenge homepage. If you have a more general interest in maths education in Scotland, please see my guide to who's who within it. If you're simply disconcerted and suspect you've located the wrong David Pritchard, try another David Pritchard's list of other Davids Pritchard. (In particular, I'm not the David Pritchard who co-authored a book on AQA Further Maths and I can't answer queries about possible errors in it — sorry about that!)

If you want to get in touch, you can write to me at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, but if you actually want a reply then the best way is to e-mail me: david (dot) pritchard (at) Pronouns: he/him/his; e/a[+len].

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