The experiment sessions are now over. Many thanks to all participants.

Dominika Michalkova

2nd year PhD student at Computer and Information Sciences University of Strathclyde Glasgow.


  • November 2019: Annual 1st year Presentation
  • October 2019 : 2nd run of experiments
  • July - August 2019: Running the experiment using EEG
  • March 2019: Student volunteer at CHIIR 2019 (Glasgow, UK)
  • October 2018: PhD student at CIS of University of Strathclyde
The main area of my research comprise the study of large scale data. For the purpose of my research study, investigating concept of information need realization and its neural correlates, an HCI-based experiment had been designed. Data were collected between June - November 2019. As the main acquisition technique I used neuroimaging technique (EEG) to obtain brain signal data to allow me deep analyses of the underlying brain processes behind specific phenomenas I am interested in. The tools and techniques I use comprise the packages of data science anaytics and machine learning. I am currently working on pattern investigation at a series of events and application of deep learning into information processing and discoveries of functional brain networks