Dominika Michalkova

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Who is:
Dominika Michalkova
What is she doing:
PhD student at CIS department of University of Strathclyde Glasgow.

Browsing this site you can find info about my research so my work, my interests and of course the ways to contact me.

Recent News

I am currently running an experiment involving EEG and a QA system. If you want to find out more and to even become a participant, please write me a mail.

Looking for participants between 18 - 55 years old, fluent in English and have never been diagnosed with any neurological disorders. Thank you for contacting me.


  • July - August 2019: running the experiment using EEG
  • March 2019: student volunteer at CHIIR 2019 (Glasgow, UK)
  • October 2018: becoming PhD student at CIS of University of Strathclyde

Work and Research

The main area of my research comprise the study of the core aspects of information retrieval process, precisely information need, for which I use neuroimaging techniques to acquire brain signal data to allow me deep analyses of the underlying brain processes and create prediction models. I apply data science techniques, machine learning, deep learning and I am interested in signal processing.

I will be gradually add more content as it comes... however for contacting me right away, you can do so by moving onto the next tab. To make your UX a bit more joyful, I add some pictures from my collection of visual memories.

Contact Details

Dominika Michalkova

University of Strathclyde
Livingstone Tower
Room 12.03
Richmond Street 26
Glasgow G1 1XH
United Kingdom