Cagan Diyaroglu


Strathclyde University

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

100 Montrose Street

G4 0LZ

Glasgow/ UK



RESEARCH INTERESTS                                                                                                                      


Failure Analysis

Ship Collisions

Structural Strength of Ship Structures

Finite Element (FE) Method


Noise and Vibration Propagation on Board

Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) Method

Underwater Acoustics



2012 - Still Continues                          Strathclyde University

                                                            Glasgow, UK

                                                            PhD in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering


Planned Thesis:Collision and Grounding Damage Analysis of Ship Structures by Utilizing Peridynamic Theory’, supervised by Dr. Erkan Oterkus


2009 -                                                 Yildiz Technical University

                                                            Istanbul, Turkey

                                                            PhD in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering


Planned Thesis: ‘Modelling Noise Propagation in Ship Structures’, supervised by Professor Tamer YILMAZ


Relevant Lectures: Engineering Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control, Random Vibrations, Methods of Vibration Analysis, Vibration Analysis and Machine Performance, Advanced Marine Structures


2007 - 2009                                         Yildiz Technical University

                                                            Istanbul, Turkey

                                                            Msc. in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering


Thesis:Main Engine Induced Noise and Vibration Analysis on Board’, supervised by Professor Tamer YILMAZ


Methods: Estimation of noise and vibration levels using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) method, noise and vibration control (Insulation)


Relevant Lectures: Finite Element Method to Shipbuilding, Elasticity, Continuum Mechanics, Matrix Methods and Applications in Ship Structures, Applied Engineering Mathematics


2003 – 2007                                        Yildiz Technical University

                                                            Istanbul, Turkey

Bachelor of Science Degree with high honoured student


Thesis: ‘Hatch Cover Analysis with Finite Element Method’, supervised by Assistant Professor A. Sinan OKTEM


Methods: Structural stress and displacement analysis using Finite Element (FE) method, comparison of numerical and analytical results


RESEARCH EXPERIENCE                                                                                                        

2010 – 2012                                        Yildiz Technical University

                                                            Istanbul, Turkey

Scientific Research Project – BAP (Abbreviated form in Turkish)


Subject: ‘Analysis of Vibration and Noise Excitation on Board by Using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) Method’


Responsibilities: As a part of PhD research, modeling and analysis of noise and vibration propagation using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) method


2011 – 2012                                        Istanbul, Turkey

Consultant for ONATUS Engineering Company


                                                            Subject: ‘New Doblo Acoustics Package Design’


Responsibilities: Solving key problems on acoustics and know how about Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) Method



2010 – 2011 (11 months)                    University of Strathclyde

                                                            Glasgow, Scotland, UK

                                                            Project Work and Attended Modules


Subject:Ships Oriented Innovative Solutions to Reduce Noise and Vibrations’


Responsibilities: Estimation of broadband noise and vibration levels on board by using hybrid method (Finite Element (FE) & Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) method), effects of structural modifications on noise and vibration propagation


Relevant Lectures: Advanced Marine Structures and Marine Renewable Energy Systems


WORK EXPERIENCE                                                                                                              

2007 – 2012                                        Yildiz Technical University

                                                            Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Department

                                                            Istanbul, Turkey

                                                            Research Assistant


PRIZES AND AWARDS                                                                                                                      

2007-2012       Bursary from The Scientific and Technology Research Council of Turkey – TUBITAK (Abbreviated form in Turkish) for the successful students


2007    Certificate of Achievement as the Highest Ranked Student of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering given by Yildiz Technical University


2007    Certificate of Achievement with the superior achievement and obtained the Third Ranked at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering within Departments of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering given by Yildiz Technical University



Diyaroglu, C., Yilmaz T., “Broad-band Noise Analysis on Board”, Congress on Defence Technologies, SAVTEK 2012, June 2012, Ankara, Turkey (In Turkish)


Zoet, P., Diyaroglu, C., Turan, O., “Evaluation of FEM and SEA for Simulating Ship Noise and Vibrations”, 1st International Symposium on Naval Architecture and Maritime, INT-NAM 2011, October 2011, Istanbul, Turkey


Diyaroglu, C., Altunsaray, E., “Examining Effects of Boundary Conditions on Results of the Ship’s Frame Structural Calculations”, Naval Architecture and Marine Technology Technical Conference 2008, November 2008, Istanbul, Turkey (In Turkish)


Sener, B., Diyaroglu, C., Yilmaz, H., “The Position of YTU in Maritime Education of Turkey”, 16th Conference on MET, International Maritime Lecturers’ Association, October 2008, Izmir, Turkey


TECHNICAL SKILLS                                                                                                                

Programming                                                              FORTRAN, MATLAB

Structural, Vibration and Acoustic Analyses               ANSYS Classic

Vibro-Acoustic Analysis                                               VAOne

Modelling                                                                    Rhinoceros, Solid Works, AutoCAD, Maxsurf

Meshing                                                                      Sofy


Available upon request