Hanlin Wang

Room A, Flat 602, 6 Blackfriars Road, Glasgow, G1 1QW

Mobile: 07427698234                                                                       hanlin.wang.2013@uni.strath.ac.uk

Personal Statement:

A postgraduate student who has just started the PhD research in the University of Strathclyde. I have got the knowledge of the marine equipment and structure analysis and now I am mainly focus on the fatigue analysis of the materials in marine batteries by using peridynamic method.


2009-2013 University of Strathclyde & Harbin Engineering University:

I have joined a two-plus-two program in the University of Strathclyde (SU) and the Harbin Engineering University (HEU), which I have taken the first two years in HEU and the following two years in SU.

Modules includes:

Advanced mathematics, Hydrodynamics, Material Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Marine Design, Marine Engineering, Renewable Energy, Risk Analysis.

2009: Obtained the second-class scholarship in HEU.

2010: Obtained the first-class scholarship in HEU.

           Received the national scholarship in HEU.

2011-2013: Received the award of BEng Hons in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering with      first class honours.



Work Experience:

2009-2010: Joined the Outreach Department of Youth Volunteers Association in the HEU. I started from a new member to the vice-minister of the outreach department during this two years. Mainly focus on getting connect with companies and organizations outside the university to searching for financial support to the volunteering activities in the association in order to help the students and disabled people in the university.

2013: Find a part-time job in the Mattews Foods in Glasgow. Mattew Foods is a Chinese supermarket and I was working as a tally clerk during the weekends to save up some money for travelling after I was graduated.


Teamwork: The strength of a group of people is always powerful than one person. I would like to share ideas, giving hands to others and searching for help in one group and I have found that this is a most effective method to solve problem.

Sport: A good body build is always the base of the study and research. Although I am overweight, I am looking for times every day to taking exercise in the gyms.


Computer Software: AutoCAD, Gambit & Fluent, Mathcad and some Microsoft office programs like Word and Excel and now I am studying the ANSYS for the fatigue analysis.

Languages: I am a native Chinese speaker and I could take normal conversation and presentation by English.