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Professor Chen is an applied and computational mathematician. His interests are in developing and analysing new and novel algorithms for a range of scientific and engineering applications. He has collaborated with many UK industries on mathematical modelling problems. More than 10 of his previous 30 PhD students worked directly with industrial funding. His current interests are in developing imaging analysis techniques for high resolution image processing problems (mainly inverse problems) using a range of mathematical tools such as variational models, PDEs, iterative solvers and deep learning methods. He has paid particular attention to medical imaging problems (such as segmentation and co-registration), engaging directly with practitioners and medical doctors. Currently he holds an honorary position at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (NHS) as a clinical consultant.
    Prior to joining Strathclyde, he was the director of two multidisciplinary research centres (CMIT and LCMH) in the University of Liverpool. Some of his publications can be found from Google scholar, where one sees that papers published in Nature Scientific Report (2022) and CVPR (2023) are from his current collaborations on Maths and AI.
    Publications may be found on UoL page and also software
    He is keen to promote and welcome collaborations with his group and his Department where applied maths and stats are very strong.

He has two fully funded studentships ------ see (1) and (2)

Highlights of New 2024 papers:

SIAM Journal on Image Sciences by Ke Chen and Huan Han (2024)