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Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, maybe it's the most beautiful one. Here, I just want to point at the short history of the city, couple of links and some pictures I took in January 2003 and few in July 2003.

History of Istanbul

Istanbul guide

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Asian part of Istanbul: (From left) Prince islands... Bostanci... Haydarpasa port...

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Bosphorus views: (From left) Kizkulesi... Bosphorus bridge... Dolmabahce palace... Ships and seagulls-part of the life... End of Bosphorus to Black Sea... A nice view of Bosphorus...

   galata.JPG (111327 bytes)   sirkeci04.JPG (72962 bytes)   sirkeci07.JPG (81297 bytes)   suleymaniye.JPG (87404 bytes)   siluet03.JPG (89391 bytes)   siluet06.JPG (76124 bytes)  

Old city center of Istanbul: (From left) Galata tower... Sirkeci and mosques... Golden horn... Suleymaniye mosque... The old city center at the horizon (2 pics)...