I am a Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, in the Department of Computer Science. My research interests are in AI Planning for Robot Autonomy, Trusted Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning and Planning, Constraint Programming, and involves the projects below.


The ROSPlan framework provides a generic method for task planning in a ROS system. ROSPlan encapsulates both planning and dispatch. ROSPlan has a modular design, intended to be modified. It serves as a framework to test new modules with minimal effort. Alternate approaches to state estimation, plan representation, dispatch and execution can be tested without having to write an entire framework.

You can find more details about this on the ROSPlan website:

Hybrid Planning with SMTPlan

SMTPlan+ is a planner for hybrid systems. It supports all the features of PDDL+, including exogenous events and continuous processes, providing an SMT encoding of the PDDL+ models. SMTPlan+ can handle linear domains as well as domains with nonlinear polynomial change.

PDDL+ is the extension of PDDL that allows modelling of mixed discrete-continuous domains, and it follows the Hybrid Automata semantics. Dealing with hybrid systems is becoming more and more an important challenge, as many real-world scenarios feature a mixture of discrete and continuous behaviours.

You can find more details about SMTPlan+ and source code on the project website:

Other Academic Activities

  • Chair
  • Co-Chair of PlanROB-2019, the ICAPS-2019 workshop on Planning and Robotics (link)
  • Co-Chair of PlansOpt-2018, the ICAPS-2018 workshop on Planning, Search and Optimization (link)
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  • Talks and Tutorials
  • ROSPlan: AI Planning and Robotics at ROSCon-2019
  • ROS Developers Podcast Interview (link)
  • AI Planning for Robotics with ROSPlan at ICAPS-2019
  • AI Planning for Robotics and Human Robot Interaction at ICAPS-2017
  • AI Planning for Robotics at ICRA-2017
  • AI Planning for Robotics at AAAI-2017
  • AI Planning for Hybrid Systems at ECAI-2016
  • ROSPlan at the ICAPS-2016 Summer School
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  • Senior Program Comittee
  • ECAI 2020
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  • Program Comittee
  • ICRA (since 2018)
  • IJCAI (since 2016)
  • ICAPS (since 2016)
  • AAAI (since 2015)
  • ECAI (2014-2016)
  • INTEX (since 2017); IJCAI-AI-SPACE-2017; XAI-2019; XAIP-2019; SIP-2018