Department of Architecture, 131 Rottenrow, Glasgow G4 0NG



I currently do research support for the department: publicizing our research and seeking new outlets and funding.


I am also an elected councilor for Glasgow City Council:


When I have time I am continuing with my research into the history of women in engineering. 


Other interests:

Trustee of the Construction History Society

Reviewer for Women’s History Network  and the International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology.

SET Ambassador


Research interests:

History of women in engineering

History of women in the Scottish building industry

Women in Science Engineering and technology


Links about women in SET





Nina Baker’s Publications

Building materials:

Properties of fresh mortars made with HAC and admixtures for the marine environment, in Calcium Aluminate Cements (Mangabhai, R.J., editor), Baker, N.C. and Banfill, P.F.G., Proceedings of the Midgley Symposium, Spon, 1990, 142-151.

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Dear Green Place- a community guide to environment and health issues in Glasgow (publ. Glasgow Healthy City Partnership 2000)



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