Dr Qiteng Hong

- BEng(Hons), PhD, MIET, MIEEE
- Research Associate


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Technology and Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RD, UK



I have been a Research Associate in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde since the beginning of 2015. Presently, I have been involved with a number of projects and research activities:

ACCEPT project:

I have been a Research Associate in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde since the beginning of 2015. Presently, I have been involved with a number of projects and research activities:

SMART Frequency Control (SFC) project:

The SFC is a Network Innovation Competition (NIC) project led by National Grid with a total funding of over £9 million. In addition to National Grid, there are five other partners including Alstom and University of Manchester involved with the project. The objective is to establish a monitoring and control scheme that allows accurate detection and location of frequency disturbances and initiate fast frequency response from a variety of resources (e.g. wind, PV, etc.). The role of Strathclyde is to conduct comprehensive tests of such a scheme through simulation and the facilities at PNDC to ensure the scheme can meet the design specifications.

Intelligent system for protection settings validation:

This is my PhD research project funded by National Grid, and I have been continuously working on this research. During my PhD study, I have developed an intelligent system (termed “PPST”) that allows comprehensive validation of protection settings. I have been working on the refinement of the system so that it can be better suited to practical applications. This research has led to a three-month project awarded by ScottishPower with a funding of £25,711. The project is to evaluate the suitability of existing systems and techniques (including the intelligent system PPST I developed) to be used for protection settings and performance validation in ScottishPower’s system.


Oct, 2011- Jul, 2015:
PhD research student, Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde.

My PhD topic was concerned with the design and development of an intelligent system for comprehensive validation of protection settings. The project was fully funded by National Grid (the transmission network operator in Great Britain).

Oct, 2009- Jul, 2011:
BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde.

I was the top graduate in the EEE course in 2011, and was awarded the IET prize for my academic performance.

Oct, 2007- Jul, 2009:
North China Electric Power University (NCEPU, under a "2+2 Program" with University of Strathclyde).

Awards/Other qualification:

Jul, 2015:
"Powering the Future", second place in the photo contest at the PAC World Conference 2015, Glasgow, UK.

May, 2013:
J.M. Lessells Travel Scholarship.
Awarded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh to support my 3-month visit to Hong Kong Polytechnic University and CLP Power Ltd. (the largest electricity utility company in Hong Kong).

Dec, 2013:
ILM Qualification: Level 2 in Enterprise.
The qualification indicates that I have acquired the knowledge and skills to start my own business.

Oct, 2011:
Fully-funded PhD studentship
Sponsored by National Grid.

Jul, 2011:
The IET Prize
Awarded as the top graduate in the EEE course at Strathclyde in 2011.

Jul, 2010:
Dean's Certificate for Meritorious Achievement

May, 2010:
intern@strathclyde research scholarship
Awarded to support my summer internship at Strathclyde University. During the internship, I contributed to the development and refinement of an 3-D model for a robotic prosthetic hand called "i-limb", commercialised by a Scotland-based company Touch Bionics.

Other Main Roles

2016 - present:
CIGRE Paris Session 2016, Global Young Member (YM) Showcase Coordinator
The YM Showcase is an new initiative, led by the CIGRE UK NGN, in the CIGRE Paris Session 2016, aiming at offering opportunities for young professionals in power engineering all around world to showcase their work in the high-profile international conference. Each country can nominate up to 4 presentations, which would then be allocated with specific slots in each Study Committee (SC) session (subject to SC Chairs’ final decision). I have been acting as the coordinator for the showcase event to facilitate the nomination and selection process. In the UK, the nomination of presenters are conducted through a competition event that will be held in April 2016 in Glasgow, UK.

2015 - present:
Technical Lead of CIGRE UK Next Generation Network (NGN)
The NGN is part of CIGRE UK National Committee, and exists to develop the next generation of professional engineers in the power industry. I have been appointed as the NGN’s Technical Lead since Sep 2015. My role is to encourage and support NGN members to involve with the technical work of CIGRE, such as Working Groups, Technical Insights, standard development, etc.

Honorary Secretary of IET Scotland South West Committee
I took up the role as the honorary secretary of the IET Scotland South West Committee since May 2015. My main responsibility is to assist the chairman with the operation of the committee.

2014 - present:
CIGRE Working Group 5.50 Regular Member
The topic of the working group is “IEC 61850-based Substation Automation Systems – Expectation of Stakeholders and User Interaction”. The working group is currently in the process of finalising the technical brochure.

2014 - present:
Journal Paper Reviewer
Since 2014, I have been contributing to reviewing papers from the following journals:
- IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution
- International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems
- Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology
- CSEE Journal of Power and Energy Systems

2011 - present:
Tutor for a number of modules in electrical and electronic engineering
EE 271: Electronic and Electrical Techniques and Design 2, mainly involves lab activities to investigate how various machines (e.g. synchronous and induction machines) operate.

EE 311: Electrical and Electronic Principle 3, the fundamentals of electromagnetic waves and their application in practice, the power system operation, power system components, e.g. transformers, machines, transmission lines, etc.


2015 - present:
Research Associate, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde.

Consultant, Elimpus Ltd, Glasgow, UK
Conducted a comprehensive review of existing airborne fault detection techniques for transmission line inspection, and provided recommendations on potential improvements of the existing systems and the development of a novel multi-sensor integrated airborne inspection system.

Visiting scholar in Hong Kong Polytechnic University and CLP (the largest power utility company in Hong Kong)
My main work was to improve the intelligent system design for protection setting validation to better suit practical needs. During the visit, I also established extensive links with local universities and utility companies.

Intern, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
Improved the design and implementation of the 3D model of i-limb (a commercially available, cutting edge robotic prosthesis).

2010 - 2012:
President and one of the main founders of the Chinese Student Association, University of Strathclyde

2010 - 2011:
EEE 4th Year Class representative, Staff-Student Committee, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde

2009 - 2010:
Vice President of Birkbeck Court, Halls Committee, University of Strathclyde

Some selected publications: