Welcome to University of Strathclyde CFD & FSI-RG !

The Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction Research Group (CFD & FSI-RG) is led by Dr Qing Xiao in the department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering at University of Strathclyde. We currently focus on the following three main research interests:

We offer an interdisciplinary and international platform for postgraduate students as well as researchers with special programs. It's a good place to combine different interests, learn interesting knowledge and sharpen useful skills on bio-inspired engineering, flexible wing and renewable energy. It's also an open hub for academic-industrial cooperation, interdisciplinary communication and collaboration among different fields. Come on and join us!

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What's new


Our recent work on squid-inspired jet propulsion has been published in Physics of Fluids as a Featured Article!


Warmest congratulation to Mitchell Borg for passing his PhD viva on 07/09/2020!


Warmest congratulation to Zhao Zhenkai for passing his PhD viva on 31/08/2020!


Congratulation to Yang Luo on his Journal publication!


Congratulations to Guangyu on his publication!


We are excited to be funded by the
Supergen ORE Hub to build a bio-inspired
AUV together with Dr. Mark Post! Read more.

Recent Animations Highlight

Multi-body Dynamics Modelling on a Self-propelled Pufferfish with Rigid Fins

A Study on Oscillating Foil Energy Harvester with a Passive Flexible Foil

A Study of FSI Problems for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Vortex-Induced Vibration of a Vertical Riser