Current Research | Biomimetics

Response of a flexible filament in a flowing soap film subject to a forced vibration

By Laibing Jia, Dr Qing Xiao

The interactions between flxible plates and flids are important physical phenomena. A flg in wind is one of the most simplifid and classical models for studying the problem. In this project, we investigated the response of a flg in flw with an externally forced vibration by using flxible fiaments and soap fim.

A model study has been carried out using flexible filament and a soap film tunnel. By applying an external forced vibration on the leading edge of the filament, we investigated the response of a flag in flow with an externally forced vibration by using flexible filaments and soap film. Experiments show that for a filament that is either in oscillation or stationary, the external forced vibration leads to its oscillation. A synchronization phenomenon occurs in the experiments. A small perturbation leads to a large response of flapping amplitude in response. The insight provided here is helpful to the applications in the flow control, energy harvesting and bionic propulsion areas.