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Vortex-Induced Vibration of a Vertical Riser

By Enhao Wang, Dr Qing Xiao

Vortex-induced vibration (VIV) often causes the fatigue of offshore slender structures, such as risers, mooring lines and pipelines. Detailed understanding of this fluid-structure interaction (FSI) phenomenon and an efficient prediction of such self-excited and self-sustained oscillations are required for the reliable estimation of the fatigue damage and the development of VIV suppression techniques. In this study, VIV of a vertical riser in uniform and linearly sheared currents is studied. The main objective of this study is to address the importance of the IL fatigue damage.

Fig. 1. Sketch of physical configurations.
Table 1. Properties of the vertical riser model.
Fig. 2. Comparison of the root mean square amplitudes: (a) IL rms amplitudes and (b) CF rms amplitudes.

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Enhao Wang, Qing Xiao. "Numerical simulation of vortex-induced vibration of a vertical riser in uniform and linearly sheared currents." Ocean Engineering. 121 (2016), 492-515.

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