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Jianxin HU


Graduation: Nov 2016

Research topics


  • Journal Articles

  • Conference Papers

    • An exploration of a PASSIVE articulated fish-like system
      Jianxin Hu, Qing Xiao
      32nd Int Conf on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering (OMAE2013) (2013)
    • Dynamic response of a flapping foil with a non-sinusoidal kinematic motion.
      Jianxin Hu, Qing Xiao, Atilla Incecik
      21nd International Offshore and Polar Engineering (2011)
    • Parametric study on a cylinder drag reduction using downstream undulating foil
      Qing Xiao, Wendi Liu, Jianxin Hu
      41st AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit (2011)