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Yuanchuan LIU

PhD Student

Room HD 2.16
Henry Dyer Building
100 Montrose Street
G4 0LZ

+44(0)141 548 4528

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Research topics


  • Journal Articles

  • Conference Papers

    • A coupled CFD-Multibody dynamics analysis tool for offshore wind turbines with aeroelastic blades
      Yuanchuan Liu, Qing Xiao, Atilla Incecik
      36th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (2017)
    • Investigation of the effects of the platform motion on the aerodynamics of a floating offshore wind turbine
      Yuanchuan Liu, Qing Xiao, Atilla Incecik and Decheng Wan
      The 9th International Workshop on Ship and Marine Hydrodynamics (2015)
    • Investigation on motion response of a semi-submersible platform and its mooring system
      Yuanchuan Liu, Decheng Wan, Qing Xiao and Atilla Incecik
      The 2nd International Conference on Maritime Technology (2014)