QPL 2012

Quantum Physics and Logic
10-12 October 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Accepted papers

  • Local orthogonality: a multipartite information principle for (quantum) correlations
    Antonio Acin, Remigiusz Augusiak, Jonatan Bohr Brask, Rafael Chaves, Tobias Fritz, Anthony Leverrier and Ana Belen Sainz.
  • The ZX-calculus is complete for stabilizer quantum mechanics
    Miriam Backens
  • Decidable Logics for Quantum Reasoning
    Alexandru Baltag, Jort Bergfeld, Kohei Kishida, Sonja Smets and Shengyang Zhong
  • Formal languages analysed by quantum walks
    Katie Barr and Viv Kendon
  • Between quantum logic and concurrency
    Luca Bernardinello, Carlo Ferigato and Lucia Pomello
  • Invariant Theory for Matrix Product States
    Jacob Biamonte, Ville Berghlom and Marco Lanzagorta
  • Strong Complementarity and Non-locality in Categorical Quantum Mechanics
    Bob Coecke, Ross Duncan, Aleks Kissinger and Quanlong Wang
  • A Category of Classical and Quantum Channels
    Bob Coecke, Chris Heunen and Aleks Kissinger
  • Compositional Quantum Logic
    Bob Coecke, Chris Heunen and Aleks Kissinger
  • Time-asymmetry and causal structure: an arrow of time
    Bob Coecke and Raymond Lal
  • Contextual Entropy and Reconstruction of Quantum States
    Carmen Maria Constantin and Andreas Döring
  • Logics between classical reversible logic and quantum logic
    Alexis De Vos and Stijn De Baerdemacker
  • Topos-Based Logic for Quantum Systems and Bi-Heyting Algebras
    Andreas Döring
  • Application of Quantum Process Calculus to Higher Dimensional Quantum Protocols
    Simon Gay and Ittoop Vergheese Puthoor
  • Speakable in quantum mechanics
    Ronnie Hermens
  • Retrocausal Toy Models
    Matthew Hoban and Raymond Lal
  • A digital approach to quantum theory
    Lluis Masanes, Markus Mueller, Remigiusz Augusiak and David Perez-Garcia
  • A non-classical theory that admits a preservation principle cannot be discrete
    Corsin Pfister and Stephanie Wehner
  • Coalgebraic Quantum Computation
    Frank Roumen
  • Quantum Gauge Field Theory in Cohesive Homotopy Type Theory
    Urs Schreiber and Michael Shulman
  • The spectrum of the Bohrification is locally compact; an exercise in geometric reasoning. Extended abstract
    Bas Spitters, Steve Vickers and Sander Wolters
  • Higher Quantum Theory
    Jamie Vicary

Photo credit: Matt Long. Check out Matt's site, he has lots of nice photos.