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Course Staff

Shishir Nagaraja
Hours: Monday 4-5pm

Distributed Systems

Monsoon/Fall 2010

Schedule (tentative)

Date Topic Reading Rough Final HW, MP, etc.
L1 Introduction 1.2, 1.4 .pdf
L2 Time, clocks, and synchronization: 11.1-11.4, Time, clocks and the ordering of events in a distributed system, L. Lamport, Communications ACM 1978 .pdf
L3 Logical clocks, global state 11.4-11.5 .pdf Finalize groups
L4 Multicast communication 11.6,12.4 .pdf HW1 out
L5 Ordered multicast 12.4, 15.2.2 and 12.2 .pdf
L6 Failure detectors and Peer to Peer Systems I: Gnutella 12.1 and 2.3.2 and Gnutella protocol specification and .pdf
L7 Peer to peer systems II: Chord Chord .pdf
L8 Peer to peer systems III - Review Used L7 for this class, L8 doesn't exist
L9 Peer to peer systems IV: Bittorrent Empirical measurement and analysis, Modelling, Service capacity (Flashcrowds), Simulation based study .pdf
L10 Group Communication and Mutual Exclusion 12.2, 15.2.2 .pdf
L11 Mutual Exclusion and Leader election 12.3 .pdf
L12 Sybil attacks SybilGuard, SybilLimit, SybilInfer
L13 Midsem exam
L14 Revision of leader elections (continued): Used material from L11, no L14
L15 Consensus I: Class activity on Impossibility of distributed consensus in asynchronous environment 12.5-12.5.3
L16 Consensus II: Consensus in synchronised environments 12.5-12.5.3 .pdf
L17 Consensus III Impossibility of distributed consensus 12.5-12.5.4 .pdf
L19 Transactions I 13.1 - 13.3
L20 Transactions II: Concurrency control 13.4
L21 Transactions III 13.5-13.7
L22 Distributed Transactions 14
L23 Distributed Transactions II 14
L24 Replicated state machines 15.1-15.4 .pdf notes on linearizability.
L25 Project work
L26 Project work
L27 Project work
L28 Project work
L29 Project work
L30 Project work
L31 Final exam