Welcome to YKR300

This is the home page of Yannick Kremer. On this website you can find information on various topics I am interested in. Such as photography, which contains some photos I have taken during the years. The Terragen section contains background information to the Terragen lecture I have given in spring 2006. The Coreldraw section is now available it contains tutorials for both normal usage and typical geological applications. In the future I plan to add a section on using Matlab for structural geology.

The name YKR300 was the original adress of this website (student.vu.nl/~ykr300), it was automatically generated by the university's computer system. I decided that I could just as well use it for this site.

About me

Currently I am a 26 year old student at the VU University Amsterdam, where I study geology, focusing on structural geology, tectonics and GIS. Besides geology I am interested in photography, illustration and I play Ultimate Frisbee.


You can contact me by email at krey@geo.vu.nl

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