General Introduction to Coreldraw Tutorials

The following tutorials demonstrate how to create typical Earth Science illustrations in Coreldraw. The tutorials assume you have some basic knowledge of how to work with Coreldraw. If you have never worked with Coreldraw or similar vector illustration packages, have a look at the general tutorials and the introduction first.

The tutorials are recorded using Coreldraw version X3, but almost everything can be done with older versions.

To view these tutorials you need the Adobe flash plug-in, if you don't have it, you can download it from this adobe website.

Creating a 3d block diagram
This tutorial shows how to create a simple 3d block diagram.

Block diagram created with Coreldraw

Creating Pattern fills
For many applications it is useful to make patterns, for example in stratigraphic columns. This tutorial demonstrates how to fill objects with a pattern fill and how to create your own (geological) pattern.

Creating a Stratigraphic Column
This tutorial illustrates how to easily but accurately create a stratigraphic column in Coreldraw. Pattern fills are used extensively in this tutorial.

Stratigraphic column created with Coreldraw
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