General Introduction to Coreldraw Tutorials

The following tutorials demonstrate many basic principles and techniques in Coreldraw. The tutorials are recorded using Coreldraw version X3, but almost everything can be done with older versions.

To view these tutorials you need the Adobe flash plug-in, if you don't have it, you can download it from this adobe website.

Coreldraw basics
This tutorial demonstrates the basics of Coreldraw. It shows how to draw simple shapes and manipulate them.

Drawing Lines
This tutorial demonstrates how to draw lines. It explains the Freehand and Bezier tools. The tutorial also demonstrates how the Shape tool can be used to edit lines and other shapes

Building a Christmas tree
The drawing tools are not always the most efficient way to draw something. Many things can be made much easier by building it from simple shapes such as rectangles and ellipses. This tutorial creates a Christmas tree from rectangles.

Advanced Shaping
This tutorial demonstrates how to two objects can be combined into one. It shows group, combine, weld, trim, intersect, etc.

Text tools
This tutorial demonstrates how to add text to your illustrations. It shows artistic text and paragraph text, and how to manipulate text in Coreldraw.

The Powerclip effect is a very handy tool, it locks objects (or even entire illustrations) into container objects.

These tutorials are created with Wink.