Terragen tutorials for earth scientists

Here you can find some background information for the Terragen lecture I gave for GeoVUsie in spring 2006. Though mainly interesting to the visitors of my lecture, others interested in Terragen (in an earth-science context), might find the tutorials on this website useful as well.

So what is Terragen? Terragen is software to design and render pictures of landscapes. Using Terragen, (nearly) photorealistic images of real and imaginary landscapes can be created. It can be downloaded for free at Planetside .

Although Terragen is meant as a tool for artists, and not for researchers, it can be used by earth scientists. With some trial and error it is possible to load various GIS and remote sensing products into Terragen, and so to model the real world. This is not the most effective way to visualize data, but can certainly be fun.

To get started with Terragen, I have written a small Tutorial:
Getting started with Terragen PDF file
For those interested in geology, the following tutorial contains some tricks for recreating various geological phenomena in Terragen.
Putting Geology (strata) in geology

some useful files:
The waterworks plugin, useful for making lava and ice shelf effects

Terragen terrain of the Alps (from the lecture)
Terragen Terrain derived from an Aster Dem, Southern Spain

Terragen forested hills scene comparrison of images generated with ArcGIS, Terragen and the real world