Welcome to my teaching page. Below, you can find information on the courses I taught. In 2018, I was nominated by my students for my "exemplary teaching" for the Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Award, and in 2015 I received the Strathclyde Teaching Excellence Award.  In 2005, I was the AXΩ Professor of the Week at the University of California at San Diego.

The Scottish Mathematical Sciences Training Centre (SMSTC), United Kingdom

Combinatorics on Words (Fall 2020)

 University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Differential Equations (Fall 2022), Mathematics 1B (Fall 2022), Linear Algebra (Fall 2021, 2020), Mathematical Modelling and Analysis (Fall 2021), Applications of Calculus (Spring 2021, 2020), Logic and Algorithms (Spring 2020, 2019, 2018), Combinatorics for Computer Science 2 (Fall 2019-2014), Computability and Complexity (Spring 2020, Fall 2018-2013), Data Analytics (Spring 2017), Business Analytics (Spring 2016-2013), Machines, Languages and Computation (Spring 2016), Topics in Computing 1 (Fall 2012, 2011), Topics in Computing 2 (Fall 2011-2013), Programming Language Definition and Implementation (Fall 2011)
 African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Ghana
Combinatorics (Spring 2015)
 Reykjavik University, Iceland
Graph Theory (Spring 2011, 2007, Fall 2005), Probability Theory (Spring 2011, Fall 2009), Combinatorics on Words (Spring 2010), Differential Equations (Spring 2010), Discrete Mathematics (Spring 2010, 2008-2006, Fall 2008), Analysis II (Fall 2009), Calculus (Fall 2008), Linear Algebra (Fall 2008-2006), Combinatorics (Spring 2008), Topics in Combinatorics (Fall 2006), Introduction to Mathematics (Fall 2005)
 University of California, San Diego, USA
Calculus 10C (Winter 2009, Spring 2005), Calculus 10B (Spring 2005)
 University of Kentucky, USA
Calculus III (MA213, Fall 2004), Calculus MA123 (Fall 2004, 2003, Spring 2004), Operations Research MA416 (Spring 2004), Combinatorics and Graph Theory MA415G (Fall 2003)
 University of Gothenburg/Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Geometry MAN001 (Spring 2003), Discrete Mathematics LMA100 (Spring 2003, Fall 2002), Linear Algebra MIN600 (Fall 2002, 2001), Discrete Mathematics MAN240 (Spring 2002, 2000), Mathematical Analysis TMA552 (Spring 2002), Matematik IT TMA245 (Fall 2001), Mathematical Analysis in several variables TMA082B (Spring 2001), Mathematical Analysis (one variable) MA1200 (Spring 2001), Linear Algebra MAN040 (Fall 2000)