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VCS-data: Vehicle Crew Scheduling Data

This page is designed to provide 240 test instances we generated using all different combinations of important problem parameters for a crew scheduling problem apparent for off-shore supply vessels (OSVs).

The below detailed 'README' file provides thorough detail regarding problem parameters and different values used for each of these, and it also presents an MIP formulation of the problem to clarify the use of the data in a problem setting.  Each data instance has a text file with defined parameters, please see the .zip file that contains all instances.

To download the .zip file with all 240 instances, click here.

The detailed documentation file is available here.

Please feel free to use this dataset and report us any issues or encouraging results. We will also appreciate it if you use this dataset in your research and refer to it in your paper using the DOI 10.15129/5dddf224-deaa-4b4b-aeb2-ef60c0d910c9